Welcome to the SRCC Music Department

Welcome to the website of the Music Department of St Richard Reynolds Catholic College. We are proud that our college has a specialism in Music and we believe music is vital in bringing together intellect and feeling, and enabling personal expression and emotional development.  Music permeates the life of the College; pupils participate in Masses, weekly singing assemblies, concerts and trips, and there is a thriving co-curricular programme.

The Music curriculum itself is engaging and practical, providing every student with the skills and knowledge to be the very best musician. Pupils develop piano, guitar and vocal technique, study music theory and develop their understanding of many different musical styles. The College boasts numerous ensembles including five choirs, string and wind ensembles, student band rehearsals and a jazz band.  Parents are invited to be part of the musical community through joining our choir for parents and friends.

Amazingly, we are now starting our fifth year here at St Richard Reynolds and we are thrilled with how our Music Department has thrived since its setup; we have so many amazing students to be proud of and lots of exciting musical projects and opportunities for all of our students to get involved in.

Here are some highlights of our most recent news and opportunities;

  • We have a Guitar Recital coming up this Friday for our piano students and a classical singing recital coming up next week too!
  • We have now started two new Theory Classes to ensure that pupils can develop their Music Theory skills throughout their development as musicians; Miss Moss, our new Music Specialism Support Assistant, is teaching the advanced theory class ‘Grade 5 Theory Bootcamp!’ (focussing on Grade 5 and then beyond!) on Tuesday mornings from 8.15 and Miss Summerfield, our new singing teacher, will be teaching the Beginners’ Theory Class, Grades 1 – 4 on Thursday mornings from 8.15.
  • Pupils performed wonderfully in our space and far away lands themed concert, ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’ on the 17th April.
  • On 4th May, pupil came together for another fantastic concert, this time with a ‘good news’ gospel theme
  • We have more recitals on the horizon, including a woodwind recital next week
  • Pupils from our ensembles are taking a trip to see Wicked in the west end this week!
  • Rehearsals for Richmond Prom are just kicking off for orchestra along with preparation for Live@the Rose for Gospel choir