Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons

St Richard Reynolds is pleased to offer many different instrumental and vocal lessons.

Lessons delivered in–house are as follows:

Piano (individual lessons only)

Please read the ‘Informations and Regulations document’  and email to sign up. You can find more information further down on this page.

St Richard Reynolds is happy to allow a 65% discount discount on paired lessons for pupils on Free School Meals. It will also consider further cases on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know if you would like more information.

After applying, the student is automatically placed on a waiting list while the tutor is informed of a new application. The speed at which places are allocated is affected by the whether the tutor has space available. Normally tutors can find a way to squeeze in new students but sometimes this cannot happen until the beginning of a new term.

Lessons on the following instruments at SRRCC are delivered by the Richmond Music Trust:

Drum kit

…to sign up your child, please visit

Richmond Music Trust offers up to 70% discount for pupils under certain circumstances. See for more information.



Instrumental and singing lessons at St Richard Reynolds – how it works

Times will be listed on a rota on the Music Department noticeboards (just outside the department office). Pupils should leave their class at their allocated time to attend their instrumental lesson. The rota system means that a child will not regularly miss the same class.
Lessons will not be made up if a pupil is sick or absent from school, but should the tutor be off sick then the lesson will be made up later in the term.

Pupils will be briefed on where to go for their lessons at the start of the year. Instruments can be kept in our department office

SRRCC participates in the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme. If you would like to purchase and instrument with a cost that is free from VAT, please complete the AIPS form and email to The College will then purchase the instrument on your behalf and invoice you for this amount.


Instrumental tutors at St Richard Reynolds Catholic College:

  • Guitar – Mr Bassi and Mr Brett
  • Drum kit – Mr Reay
  • Piano –Mr Booth, Mr Stokes and Mr Marshall
  • Violin/Viola – Mr Lee
  • Voice – Ms Gardner, Mrs Benedetto, Miss Moss and Miss Summerfield
  • Woodwind – Mr Lewars
  • Brass – Mr Searby

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