Instrumental Lessons – Information and Regulations

Music Lessons at St Richard Reynolds – Information and Regulations

Applying for lessons

Once you have requested lessons, you will be contacted within two weeks with information on when your child is likely to begin lessons (or in the first week of the new term if applying during the holidays).

We offer, per term, 10 individual lessons of 30 minutes for £182.50 or 10 paired lessons of 30 minutes for £100. We tend to encourage paired lessons for our younger students (Year 2 and 3). If your child will be working towards a grade, we may recommend that individual lessons would work best.


Lessons take place on a rotational system. Each lesson will usually be on the same day of the week, but the time would normally change from week to week to ensure students do not repeatedly miss the same timetabled school lesson. Sometimes lessons will take place at break, lunchtime or after school.

Timetables for each term are displayed outside the Music Room and pupils should consult them regularly, as lessons inadvertently missed will not be made up.

Where possible please make the teacher aware of any planned absences, such as school trips and exams, at least a week beforehand. We do not guarantee that these lessons will be made up.

In cases where a student fails to attend two consecutive lessons with no explanation, parents will be contacted by the teacher.


It should be understood by pupils and parents/carers that regular practice in a quiet environment will ensure that the best possible progress is being made.


Your child should bring a notebook to all lessons, which is used as a practice record. Your child’s teacher will detail in the notebook what your child should work on between lessons, and the notebook can be used as a means of communication to and from parents.


Practical examinations may be taken with the approval of the teacher.


Lessons are organised directly between instrumental/vocal tutor and parent.

Teachers aim to deliver 30 lessons during the course of the academic year. If it is not possible for this number of lessons to be arranged over the course of the academic year, the charge will be amended accordingly at the end of the year. As there are more than 30 lessons during the school year, there will be the occasional week when there is no music lesson (most likely at the start and end of each term).

Where more than 10 lessons are actually taught in a term (e.g. during the long Autumn term) the surplus lessons will be carried over and invoiced in the subsequent term(s).

If lessons begin part way through the term, the invoice for the second term will be smaller, to reflect the number of lessons missed the previous term.

Lessons continue from year to year until due notice is given or until the pupil leaves the college.

At least a half a term’s written notice will be required to terminate lessons. This means notice must be given before the October, February or June half terms to discontinue lessons for the following term. Charges will continue to be made until the teacher receives such notice, as these fees are the instrumental teacher’s wages.

Wider musical life of the College

Students will be encouraged to perform in concerts and join the various choirs and ensembles that are offered at the College. We look forward to your son/daughter taking part and hope to see you at the concerts.


Queries relating to any aspect of instrumental and vocal tuition should be directed to Miss Firman, Director of Music (