Year 1

Welcome to the new Year 1! This page will be updated shortly…in the meantime scroll down to read about what our previous Year 1 classes got up to…


Year 1 had a fabulous day on 29th Feb 2016 at the Royal Festival Hall, and more recently many students performed ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’, ‘Inchworm’ and ‘Say It’s Only a Paper Moon’ in our Jazz Concert on Monday 14th March 2016. The whole class performed excellently in our Primary Showcase Concert on Friday 18th March, and we heard some great solos from some pupils in our Primary Talent Show (17th March).

Year 1 is now busy preparing for the Primary Singing Festival on Tuesday 12th April at the Rose Theatre.

Scroll down to see (and hear) what our last Year 1 cohort achieved….


Posts from 2014-15

Year 1 pupils are having a lot of fun learning songs for the forthcoming Primary Singing Festival on Tuesday 24th March. We have been singing ‘Nature Boy’, ‘Roar’ and ‘Car Wash’ and there are some more songs in the pipeline! The class has been singing with attitude and enthusiasm. One unfortunate side-effect has been that many of the pupils now aspire to work at a car wash, believing it is a lot of fun! Oh dear.

All pupils have sung on their own to the class and we have some very promising voices. We have also working on differentiating between pulse and rhythm (reminding ourselves that ‘pulse’ feels like a heartbeat) and swapping between pulse and rhythm when performing actions alongside songs.

March 2015 update: Year 1 have just learned how to sing in a round! Here they are singing ‘Engine Engine Number Nine’ as a four-part round (we need to do a little more work on pitching…):

Before Christmas the class was lucky enough to have a mini-performance and demonstration from our fabulous violin teacher Ms Steve. She demonstrated many different techniques on the violin and explained that owning an instrument is like having a pet; you need to look after your instrument and spend time with it. Pupils were extremely interested and asked some thoughtful questions. I think we have many future violinists in the class!

Year 1 pupils are feeling very clever because they have just started learning about rounds! We have practised singing through’ Engine Engine number nine’ and ‘Frere Jacque’ as a round in two parts.


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