Year 9

Year 9 have been studying ground bass, ukulele, music technology (using Garageband) and songwriting.

They have also started a slightly different topic this term, all about music and its relation to power. We have been looking at how music is used by those in power to influence others, and how music is used to protest against those in power. We’re looking at diverse examples, from William Byrd’s Catholic protests during the English Reformation to the government control of hiphop in Cuba. Year 9 have been having some really intelligent debates about these more sociological elements of music and we’ve been so impressed by the mature insights and opinions offered by our students.

Revisit this page later in the term for information about how our Year 9 students are getting on. In the meantime, please visit the Instrumental lessons page for information on learning an instrument (no, it’s not too late to apply, even in Year 9 and part way through the Year) or the Co-curricular music page for details of our co-curricular offerings.